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Where To Hide Spare Keys: Locksmith Advice That Can Save Your Property

There are a lot of good reasons to keep a spare key outside your house. Maybe you have children who make their own way home after school but aren’t quite ready for the responsibility of carrying a house key. Maybe you have a door that locks automatically and you want to avoid the frustration and indignity of being locked out of your own home.

It always seems to happen when you’re running late or desperately need something from inside too! For these reasons and more, many people have discovered the wisdom and convenience of keeping a spare key somewhere outside their house, just in case. But with a one in 27 chance of being a victim of property crime in Dallas, you need to make sure you hide it and hide it well. Where’s a good place to keep your spare where it won’t be obvious to would-be burglars?

Where NOT to hide your keys

There are a few places that are definite no-go’s. It’s a bad idea to keep your spare key in your wallet, since anyone who steals your wallet will be able to easily find out your address. The first place anyone trying to break into your home will look for a spare key is under the doormat. Fake rocks also tend to stand out like sore thumbs, and key vaults practically invite burglars to smash them.

You should also avoid leaving it under a flower pot or on the lip of your doorframe. However, any of those options can work as effective decoys. The longer a burglar has to spend getting into your home, the greater the risk for them, so anything that wastes their time (like breaking an empty key vault) is a good investment!

Safe key hiding places

Fortunately, there are also many more secure options. One is to enlist the help of your trusty canine. Burglars hate dogs more than just about anything, so hiding your spare key in a dog house or attaching it to your dog’s collar is a great way to ensure it’ll be safe. There are many products available for hiding keys, and while some of them are a bad idea, others can work quite well. Decoy lawn sprinklers, for instance, especially if you place them far away from the door.

Fake rocks may be ineffective, but if there are a lot of real rocks around your doorstep, supergluing one to the lid of an old pill bottle can make for a cheap and useful hiding place. Pill bottles are quite tough and weather-proof, so as long as you bury it well this can be a cheap and effective option. Finally, magnetized key boxes that attach to the bottom of your car can work well. Most burglaries take place during the day, when you’re not home, and with one of these, your spare key won’t be at home either! No one likes to be locked out of their home, but it happens to everyone eventually.

door opend by a burglar , locksmith recommendation about leaving keys out side

It’s best to be prepared for the eventuality. The tricky thing is not to make yourself vulnerable to burglars in the process. (Of course, you should also keep the number of a good emergency locksmith on hand, to be on the safe side.) Far too many Dallas people keep their spare keys in places that are obvious and cliché, but by following a few guidelines and putting a little thought into your hiding place, you can make sure your home is safe and sound.

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