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Locksmith Tips For Choosing The Right Security System In Dallas

In this day and age, even the best locks don’t cut it anymore. As any locksmith in Dallas can tell you, modern burglars are experts in picking and breaking locks. If you want to stay safe, you should consider a camera, alarm or other security system for your home. But which one do you choose?

Here’s a rundown on the basic types of security systems, how they work, and how to use them. Of course, a professional locksmith is the best person to advise you on details of your home security, and there are many Dallas locksmiths who will happily help you protect your home.

What type of security system is best for protecting homes in Dallas?

There are two basic divisions of security system: monitored or unmonitored. Monitored security systems will alert a call center when triggered, and the center will contact the police. Unmonitored systems will simply set off an alarm or flashing light if they detect an intruder.

Of the former, there are several different ways the system might communicate with the monitoring center. This can be cellular, landline or broadband. Landline systems are linked to your phone line, though they themselves can be wireless. Cellular systems work through a cellular uplink, which is considered more reliable, since they won’t be disabled if a burglar cuts the phone line. Broadband systems use your internet connection. They’re much faster but less reliable than cellular connections.

So which is better, monitored or unmonitored? In some ways, monitored systems are a safer bet, since they guarantee police attention rather than relying on you or your neighbors to call for help. However, they cost more, and if the intruder cuts your phone line, the whole system is busted. Unmonitored security systems, especially loud alarms, are often enough to deter most burglars, but they won’t bring the police straight to your door.

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What type of security cameras should you choose for your home?

Security cameras are an excellent way to boost your home security. If thieves see a security camera, they will think twice about setting foot on your property. There are a few things you should keep in mind when installing security cameras.

Choose a spot with a high, wide view of whatever area you want to monitor, and place the camera at least 10’ off the ground so no-one can knock it down. Make sure the view isn’t blocked by anything. An estimated 79% of burglaries take place through the front door, first-floor window or back door, so if you put a camera there, you’re very likely to catch any would-be intruders.

Some people recommend dummy cameras if you don’t want to pay for a real one. Honestly? Don’t bother. Burglars know the difference.

What are home automation systems and why should I have one?

These days, many locksmiths in Dallas will recommend high-tech security systems that tie into your cell phone or have other advanced features. These “smart” security systems often do more than just set off alarms. They allow you to remotely control many aspects of your home, including your lights, clocks, thermostat and other appliances. A few of the latest and most popular models are:

  • Canary: This sleek, futuristic gadget includes a camera, motion detector, and a speaker and siren. When it is triggered, it sends an alert to your phone. Over time, it will actually learn what is ordinary for your home, cutting back on false alarms. ($249)
  • Piper: The Piper monitors sound, temperature and brightness within your home, as well as keeping an eye on things with a 180-degree lens. You can check the video feed and get notifications on your smart phone. ($279.99)
  • Nest Cam: One of the best cameras available, the Nest Cam shoots high-resolution footage with night vision. It ties into other Nest products like the smoke detector Nest Protect. ($199)

This should give you an idea of the wide range of security systems now available. If you have questions or need help installing one in your home, don’t waste time contacting the professional locksmiths at 24 Locksmith Dallas. They will make sure your home is safe and sound.

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