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Is Your Window A Security Risk? These Locksmith Tips Can Save Your House

In a big city like Dallas, you need to do everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones. Security cameras or an alarm system, installed and maintained by a professional locksmith, can serve as a deterrent and help the authorities to catch burglars in the act. Neither one will keep a fast and determined thief from entering your home in the first place though. If you want to keep burglars out, you’re going to need to take precautionary measures, not only securing your doors but also your windows.

Window bars: not what you think

When most people think about window security, they immediately picture window bars. They certainly have their advantages: a burglar isn’t going to squeeze through even if they manage to smash the window itself. However, some people believe that these metal bars can be perceived as a sign that there is something valuable inside and thus make burglars more determined to get inside.

Many Dallas residents also dislike the aesthetic of living with bars or grilles on the window, which can make your home feel a bit like a prison. However, there are companies that specialize in bars that are as attractive as they are functional.

bar door installed by locksmith

Reinforced or shatter-proof glass: elegant yet strong

These days, many stronger alternatives exist to plain old glass windowpanes. The cheapest is tempered glass, followed by laminated glass. If you do choose tempered glass, however, you’ll want to use a security film over it. Tempered glass is made so that it won’t create large shards when it shatters. For safety reasons, it breaks into small beads. While it’s more durable than regular glass, if an intruder does break it they’ll be able to waltz right through the resulting large opening.

A security film will keep the broken glass together, leading to the spider effect that occurs in a broken a windshield. Some people consider bulletproof glass but this are much more expensive and isn’t necessary to secure most residences. You might also consider Plexiglas or polycarbonate windows, which are many times stronger without being thicker than regular glass.

Window locks: awkward but effective

Window locks can do double duty when it comes to home security. A deadbolt or sash lock will of course slow down any would-be burglar, but a large lock visible from outside can also serve as a deterrent. Burglars are generally looking for the easiest possible target, some place they can rob quickly and with a minimum of time spent breaking in.

If your house looks like it’s well secured and will take time and effort to compromise, they’re likely to just move on to the next one. While a big lock obviously isn’t necessary above the first floor, having intimidating, high-tech looking locks visible on your first floor windows are definitely a good idea. When choosing your locks, be mindful about choosing one that won’t prove too difficult for you to open in case of an emergency.

How to keep windows open without compromising safety

In a hot place like Dallas, being able to open your windows is a must, but you don’t want to compromise your safety in the process. Wooden window braces can be placed so that they allow your horizontal window to be opened a few inches but not enough for someone to squeeze inside. They can also be used on vertical windows but they can be dislodged by lowering the window slightly, so they aren’t nearly as effective. Some window locks are also designed to allow you to open the window slightly, but not all of these are very durable, so consult a knowledgeable locksmith for recommendations about the most dependable types and brands.

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