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Complete Locksmith Guidelines For Perfect Window Security In Dallas

When people think about home security, they usually think about doors. Doors, of course, are very important. They’re the first points that a would-be burglar will go to, and it’s essential that you have strong locks (on all your doors, not just the front) and keep them locked at all times. However, windows are also potential entrance points. An estimated 34% of burglaries take place without force, meaning the perpetrator simply walks in through an unlocked door or window. This shows the importance both of locking your doors and paying attention to your windows! Most Dallas locksmiths emphasize window safety, and you should too.

Window locks & protection A-Z

Window locks

A good locksmith in Dallas can fit your windows with strong, reliable latches that will protect them like a high security lock defends your door. There are many different deadbolts and window pin locks on the market that can do the job. Make sure to choose a solid one that’s visible from the outside. Ask a local locksmith to recommend one and help you install it.

Ground floor windows

Ground floor and basement apartments are especially vulnerable to attack through the windows. There’s just a sheet of glass, maybe right at eye level, between you and the street. For these cases, it’s always recommended to install a protective metal grill on your windows. You can get one with space for an air conditioning unit or to hold potted plants, if you want. Reinforced glass is also an option. Tempered glass or laminated glass are both effective and affordable. Plexiglas and polycarbonate windows are much stronger than glass, but can also be pricier.

Second-floor windows

Windows on upper floors are often neglected, even by otherwise conscientious people. You might open yours on a hot night and leave it open the next day without thinking twice about it. But you can count on burglars thinking about it!

Take a look at your windows and see how someone might be able to climb in them. In apartment buildings, windows within twenty feet of the ground, or near a fire escape, are considered accessible entries and should be looked after accordingly. A large tree near your window might serve as a natural ladder for a burglar. Speaking of which, if you’re doing yard work with a ladder, never leave it outside! That’s an open invitation to thieves.

window security - image of well protected window with bars

Locksmith advise for child and pet safety

Children are often intrigued by windows. However, this fascination can end in tragedy if your child falls out the window. To prevent this, keep your windows closed and locked when kids are around. Teach them from an early age to be careful around windows, and keep their play area away from the windows. If there are very young children in your home, install limited-opening hardware that will prevent them from accidentally opening the window more than a few inches.

Cats also love sitting in windows, soaking in the sun and staring at birds outside. To keep your cats safe, put screens in all your windows so you can leave them open without the cat jumping out, or falling asleep and slipping out. This happens a lot to city cats! Cats are incredibly good at falling from great heights, but they can still break bones, especially if they fall from between two and seven stories.

Overall, the best person to help with your complete window security, and other safety concerns you might have, is a professional locksmith.

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